Currently, everyone who is seriously engaged in rendering and animation at some time begins to feel the lack of power of his desktop computer for qualitative render. One of the ways out of this situation is to buy a powerful modern computer. But believe me, it will soon be not enough. Especially, when it comes to render of animation of even 300 frames or rendition of images of 6000*4000 pixels. The second way is to buy another two powerful computers. But this variant has essential shortcomings such as great investment of money, and besides, computers take a lot of space which is always not enough in a flat, they generate heat and make noise. The third and the best way is to appeal to a render farm.
       We provide services of a render farm. 3d-visualisators of apartments, animators, producers of video advertising and other experts whose profession is connected with 3d graphics appeal to us.
       Render farm is a set of high-performance computer systems that produce a picture or video in the shortest possible time. Commissioning of the server render farm(RenderFarm) allows to speed up the render process , video processing and work on visual effect created in 3-d.The power of render farms can also be used for resource-intensive multi-purpose scientific computing.

        We work at full pressure, to high standarts, honestly and what is more important quite cheap.

3d max, V-ray, mental ray, Multiscatter, maxwell render

3D max Vray MultiScatter Mental Ray Maxwell RealFlow

     Quick render of projects on our render farm will allow you to save a lot of time and nerves.

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