Q : What guarantees my scene copyright?
Answer: We will never use your projects in any way which have not been approved by you. All projects are kept in strict confidence. But we can not provide any legal guarantees. We are a very reputable company. We will always do our best to protect your rights and confidenciality.

Q: Why is there a minimum order of 50 Euro? If a scene is rendered much faster than 3 hours, can I use remaining time to render another scene?
Answer:  The minimum order assumes one scene, another scene is the second order. Scene configuring and network rendering take some time. It is not economically viable to charge less for one scene whatever its size may be.

Q: I have ordered a render animation. You rendered a few frames, and gave me a time estimation. But in reality, the time it took to process my order was far greater than what had been predicted.
Answer: These things happen. We can only guess what the total processing time will be.  The reason of this discrepancy lies in the fact that the scene contains objects, such as displacement, VrayFur, the animation fluid, high poligonal trees with SSS. They may be present in some parts of the animation, but rendering these frames takes much longer. When the estimated time was calculated, all frames were chosen randomly and some of the objects went missing which resulted in this discrepency. You know how frames in your project will affect the speed of rendering.

Q: If rendering takes longer than what has been specified or if there is any delay, but my project's deadline has been passed. What to do?
1. In most cases we can not precisely determine the time because of the individual properties of each scene and render settings, and we give a rough estimate of  time, so order projects well in advance.
2. If the delay is because of our fault: a) your render will be done after solving the problem with a 50% discount
b) if you want, you wil get your money back and you will get 50% discount on a similar order

Q: Can I book your render farm on particular dates?
Answer:  Order processing is done in queue.